New Release: Fall Memories

I can’t stop building at the moment, but that’s all right…because I just got a notice from my local library that my reserved copy of “A Dance With Dragons” is now available, so I’m probably going to disappear for the next 3 months. Or maybe two. It’s only about 1000 pages, after all. 🙂

Fall Memories is a cozy two rooms (and a fairly roomy hallway) house with floor to ceiling windows on all sides, red brick walls, texture change floors and three texture change accent walls loaded with a choice of rich autumn colours and vintage wallpapers. There are 11 wall textures in all (only a selection is shown in the pictures below), and the 3 walls can be set completely separately. The floors are offered with 5 different wood choices. You’ll never get bored. Probably. What can I say… I love it to bits, but then I would, wouldn’t I…

Copy, Mod (scripts no mod), No Transfer.
13.5 X 16m
47 prims

Available in world or on the marketplace.


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