MM.(Home) Hibernation sale


I think the time has come. I haven’t logged in for ages, and I can’t justify keeping my premium account, at least for the time being. Real Life is taking precedence right know. I’m sure I’ll want to come back, so I’m calling this a hibernation sale rather than a closing sale. You never know. At this point, I don’t know whether I’ll keep the marketplace store open, but the inworld store will definitely diseappear.

No rezzer, but all the builds are out for inspection.

The subscriber will be safely stored in my inventory – if I feel the urge to work on something, I’ll send it for free to anybody who’s a subscriber. I had started work on a sofa, so that will definitely go out. After that, I don’t know.

I’m not leaving SL entirely (heck, I dream of renting a whole sim sometimes), but I’m gonna be a wanderer for a while. Could be fun.



Home corner

It’s a long time since I did one of these….

Home Corner

MudHoney Meredith Chair
/artilleri/ Melbourne lamp *white*
ponitee:::Low Table
/artilleri/ Phonograf record player *white*
Analog Surf POSTER “MARTINI” flower (free)
Prefab: *Y’s HOUSE* OMOYA

MM.(Home) for the Four Walls hunt

This is my hunt gift for the Four Walls Hunt, which starts today and runs until the 31st.

This is a texture change sofa and ottoman set (8 textures for the sofa/ ottoman, 9 textures each for the cushions) which seats two friends.

Please note that this is NOT a mesh item.

MM.(Home) - Mid Century Sofa Vendor

Hint: “Let’s clear those carton boxes!”

You’re looking for this:


Please note that each item in the hunt is priced at 20 L.

Happy New Year, everybody!

Happy New Year, everybody!

Shore Leave

So I’ve been working on this house for a while (slowly, because I had to go back home a couple of times because of family stuff, and then I’ve beeen on holidays), and I thought it would make a great gift for the Four walls hunt, which starts today. It will definitely be a full price release after the hunt, but for now, you can pick it up for a song. (May I suggest this one?)

What you’ll be getting is a light-filled modern beach house with large windows and a sliding door. It features 3 rooms (one at the front, two at the back), all with whitewashed walls and clean wood floors. The front room also features a multiplane glass wall in oceanic tones, which provides a striking focal point.

There’s no hint, but that’s because it’s really REALLY really easy to find. I swear.


The hunt is on till the 15th September. Previews, and store SLURLs are available at: Hunt items will be valued at 250L or more, but cost only 10L for the duration of the event

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