Free Textures

I’m still on holiday, with only sporadic access to the internet (not that I’m complaining! :-)), so pictures of room sets are not really practical right now (thought I have a few ideas that I definitely want to try and implement when I get back home), but I’ve been playing with textures: the laptop I took with me has a copy of both Gimp and Photoshop Elements (5.0? I think…), so I can get frustrated with two graphics programs instead of just one… 🙂 (I usually work with Gimp.)

I thought I’d post some textures I’ve been working on, because… hey, why not! I have probably a thousand photographs to play around with (yeah, I’ll be building next, you betcha), and I keep taking more pictures; it’s quite fascinating, actually, looking at, and photographing, the textures that make up a city. Oh, yes, I’m quite aware that people probably think I’m mad, when they see me taking pictures of a brick wall. 🙂 Good thing they don’t realise that I have about 50 pictures of brick walls already. If they did, they would definitely think I’m mad!

The pictures below I’m pretty pleased with. I’ll probably refine them at some point, but in the meantime, they are free for you to download and use any which way you find inspiring, wether it’s overlay for pictures processing, or (a more likely use I would think) building textures. They are free for you to use in both personal and commercial projects. (However, you may NOT sell the textures themselves and/or pass them as your own).

They are 512 x 512 and seamless.

Credit (a link to this post, or the texture on Flickr) would be nice. If you use them in a cool build, I’d love to see it…but that’s not mandatory. 🙂

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