Autumn is coming

Us lot home and garden shoppers are currently lucky to be able to enjoy not one, but two amazingly beautiful sims in which to while away the day shopping, wandering about and taking pictures. The first one is The Nest (great name!), set up by Isla Gealach, Hallie Galli, and Sesi Ackland. It’s build like a small town, complete with diner, railway station, church and what-have-you, and it’s absolutely adorable. I definitely intend to take some pictures to share … but today my focus is on SL Designer Remix, Pitsch Parx labour of love, which brings together buildings, furniture and art, in a beautiful autumn landscape spread over two sims until the 4th of November (after which there will hopefully be a third installment; this is act II). A space to explore in a leisurely fashion and savour slowly.

The Nest
SL Designer Remix

Click on an image to see a bigger version.


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