A hunt gift and a cheapie

I’m probably publishing this a bit early…but I’m going back home for a week, which means limited internet access, and I’m leaving in about 45 minutes, so if I don’t publish this now, it’ll have to wait a week…

I’m very happy to announce that I’m participating in the Season’s Palette Hunt – Autumn, which starts on the 20th of October and runs for a month. My first hunt, yay! It’s a great idea for a hunt too: all the hunt gifts are meant to be within the same colour palette (there are over 10 shades to choose from); I can’t wait to see what everybody else came up with. (I believe the hunt starts at midnight, so I don’t know if other gifts are out.)

For my gift, I build a nice roomy skyb….well, no, hang on, I think of it as a skybox, but it does have two sliding doors, so that’s probably stretching the definition a bit. Let’s call it a big (and it IS fairly big – though of course it does depend on your definition of “big”, I actually think it’s too big, but you live and learn, right?) multipurpose room. You could use it as a skybox, though, if you don’t open the doors, and anyway, it comes with a platform, so opening the doors is quite safe, really. 😉

The floors are texture change with a choice of 5 different woods (they’re actually the same floors as my “Fall Memories” house). The walls are colour change with a choice of 10 shades (so this room should match everything else you pick up on the hunt; cool, no? I’m not making any promises, though.)

It’s called the Autumn Room, and it’s hidden somewhere in my little store area. Well, it’s actually outside (which is DAFT, I know, but never mind, I’ll do better next time…) And I really don’t think it’s hard to find, but there’s even a hint too: “It’s autumn…go outside and play in the leaves…”

And I liked the colours so much that I made some rugs, too. Well, one rug, but it’s colour change, mod and copy, so you basically get 10 rugs for the price of one. At least 10 rugs. In fact, you get as many rugs as you care to rez. Use it singly, or in groups of two or three, play with the colours, shrink it to make a placemat if that’s your fancy, all that for the pricely sum of 10L.


Oh, and I’m about two thirds through “A Dance With Dragons”. Not bad going, I think. And it actually pretty good so far… 🙂


Leaves you joyful

In the autumn, I think I could quite happily write a fashion clothes blog. But there wouldn’t be many posts the rest of the year, so it’s probably not worth the bother.

So, instead, here’s the look of the day post for this month. 🙂 With credits for the clothes I wear! Will wonder never cease? 😉

Skybox: Tee*fy: Season Skybox (Seasons Hunt gift)
Leaves: Olive Juice: Leaves you Joyful (Seasons Hunt gift) – yup, I nicked the name for this post. It’s too beautiful… ;-), and some Autumn Leaves from the [MAGIC NOOK] skybox
Hair: Gurl6| felice
Skin: [ROCKBERRY] Uma C light
Top: :::Sn@tch Autumn Cashmere (Brown):::
Jeans: ..::Edge Designs::.. Matthew Jeans (no longer available, I believe)
Boots: [Decoy] Jully Boots – Cocoa
Scarf: :::Sn@tch Autumn Cashmere Scarf:::

Tee*fy | Olive Juice | [MAGIC NOOK]] | Gurl6 | [ROCKBERRY]] | Sn@tch |

Nordari Cecille styled

I actually found this harder than expected to furnish. Its faded atmosphere (like a room that’s been left empty for too long and has been slowly beached out of life) is one of the things I like the most about it, but I had a hard time finding furniture to echo that feeling (even the vintage stuff in SL can often a bit too new looking).

So I settled for a big white fluffy bed and a chandelier. You can’t go wrong with a big white fluffy bed and a chandelier.

Skybox: Nordari Cecille (group gift)
Bed: Fusion Wrought Iron Single Bed | no longer available inworld, but available in the marketplace
Bedside lamp: Architect Desk Lamp (Neko Collas) in the marketplace
Chandelier: Adoration Home 2 Prim Chandelier-Black and Gold
Chair: /artilleri/ oui caterpillar chair groovy stuff
Rug: Fur White Rug (Freyr Darkstone)
Stool: (TLND) Stool Coquette White
Lillies: Calla Lilies in Marble Vase (Arda Fauna) (freebie, picked up a long time ago)
Record shelf: Record shelf with turntable: :::ponitee
Books: [ARIA] Mela four book pile | past hunt gift; (LP)- Book Stack | no longer available

Nordari | Adoration Home | /artilleri/ | Trie Love Never Dies (TLND) | Ponitee

The golden hour

I love love love autumn. OK, I know, me and a few millions other people. 🙂 So of course I did the Seasons hunt (Fall). OK, I know, me and several hundred people… 😉

Not that this is a pure Seasons Hunt post.

Special mention for the skybox – no, it’s not in the Seasons hunt, you get it when you place LITHIUM in your profile picks (details here), it’s absolutely gorgeous, and I thought it made a nice foil to all the orange tones of the other gifts. After all, who wants to look at a picture that’s the visual equivalent of pumpkin soup?

Skybox: Lithium (free – profile pick)
Wall Decal : :CP: (Cheeky Pea) Photo Decal Festifall – no longer available?
Chaise longue: (TLND) My chaise longue Fall (Seasons hunt gift)
Tree: [kusshon] autum tree (Seasons hunt gift)
Frames on wall: Kyoot Home – Autumn Frames (Seasons hunt gift)
Candles: Sand Shack Surf Co Bluegrass Candle Supply Co – Harvest Spice (Seasons hunt gift)
Poufs: ARIRA Cushion 02 & 04 (no, not a season hunt gift)

Lithium | CP (Cheeky Pea)
(TLND) | [kusshon]] | Kyoot Home | Sand Shack Surf Co | ARIRA

Chairs missing

I love chairs, weirdly enough. They’re a bit cumbersome to collect in real life, though, unless you go for the really dinky reproduction ones. In SL, I get to indulge. It’s like collecting sculpture you can sit on.

My collection grows slowly. I haven’t bought the whole of the ++LP2++ store yet. Working on it. 😉 I’m still looking for a nice SL version of George Nelson coconut chair (I saw one somewhere, can’t remember where, but it didn’t grab me enough to buy it), and all the Hans Wegner chairs there are. Especially this one, and that one, and…oh, just all of them! And that armchair made of washing line looped around a conical metal frame, I’ve no idea what it’s called or who the designer is, so I can’t even search for a picture … but I’ll recognise it when I see it.

Too many chairs, too little time.

Credits (from l. to r.):
TLND: Stool Coquette *White*
HOC: Japanese Schooldesk chair (part of Japanese schooldesk package)
++LP2++: Bentwood chair Red2
*Y’s HOUSE*: Garden Stool 001
++LP2++: LCW 1.0 N
++LP2++: Spoon wood 3.0
::PopArt::: Ghost

Skybox: **DP**yumyum: glow-white studio, one of the nicest skyboxes ever, as far as I’m concerned.

TLND | HOC | ++LP2++ | *Y’s HOUSE* | ::PopArt:: | **DP**yumyum

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