Free skybox!

OK, now that I have – hopefully – your attention, please allow me to ramble on…

I got more and more interested in building stuff as I got less and less interested in blogging (it may come back…who knows…), and I started building this and that. I have lots of bits and pieces in my inventory right now, and four things that I’ve actually finished. Which is actually a really nice feeling. So I’ve opened up a shop called .MM.(Home) and…

…but first here are some pictures for the impatient types, so if you want to you can go and check the items in world, in case you’d rather see for yourself anyway. That’s where the free skybox is, too; it’s called The “White” mini Skybox, so you know what you’re looking for. Any problems, give me a shout.

End of preramble, now for the ramble, and in the order in which I actually finished the things…

First we have a skybox type thing. I mean, to me it’s definitely a skybox (i.e. something to be used high up – hence the fences), but it has a fair bit of outdoor space, even if most of that is taken by a pool. There’s a little garden box in the corner, for plants and stuff. You could always fill the pool with soil if you don’t care for water. It’s a very shallow pool, by the way. I mean, does anybody swim in SL? You can’t swim in this pool, though you can definitely float on an inner tube. The inside is light and airy, with the open plan L-shaped layout giving you a lot of flexibility on how to organise the space. The build comes with switchable on/off shadows and a basic security feature of only allowing access to the owner. I’ve no idea if people actually care about “security” being provided with doors; if you do, please let me know, I’ll take it on board. It’s called The “White” Skybox. It actually changed names about 3 times that I recall during its life. I’m crap at names; one of these days, I’ll go the path of least resistance and give my builds really long, descriptive, dull names. This one would probably be called “The L-shaped light-filled white build with tall ceilings and a shallow pool”. Reasonably descriptive, right? To add a bit of contrast, I’ve included a texture change platform type thing. To break the space up a bit, should you want to. It’s not linked, so is completely optional. It’s also copy, so you can have more than one. The “White” Skybox is 41 prims (40 for the build and 1 for the (unlinked) pool water). The platform is 1 prim. Its footprint is about 21mX21m. Price: 200L$. There’s a demo at the store.

Second is a small skybox, it’s called The “White” mini Skybox; it’s a somewhat pocket-sized version of the “White” Skybox above, but not slavishly so. For a start, it doesn’t have a pool. It does have a floor that’s texture change on touch (choose between wood and concrete). Footprint: 7mX8.5m and 10 prims, so perfect for the space/ prim challenged… That’s the free one, by the way. It’s out there on the terrace, if you want a closer look.

Third is The Open House. I basically wanted to build a minimalist white shell, so that’s what I did. It’s all right. It was one of the first things I attempted, and I kinda got bored with the idea. I sort of like it, still. I’m using it as my store, it works quite well for that. Would probably make a nice art gallery, too. BIG windows, sliding door (no security feature whatsoever, sorry, but if that’s a deal breaker, I’m sure we can sort something out), optional wood terrace. Copy/mod, so you can make the terrace as big as you want, and play around with the house, safe in the knowledge there’s an untouched copy in your inventory in case you mess up. The Open House is 21 prims (20 for the build plus one for the door, which is unliked); the terrace, if you’re using it, will add 1prim. Footprint: the house is 10mX30, the terrace 16mX30. Price: 50L$. The store is currently the demo.

Fourth…well, I figured something was needed to warm up all that white brick and pale concrete, so I made a rug in some vibrant colours (8 and 1 grey, to be exact), perfect for livening up any space. It’s texture change (via a menu), mod (so you can resize it to fit any space), and copy (so you can throw a few together and play with colour). It may also make coffee for you in the morning, but I’m not guaranteeing that. But you can play around with the colour combinations at the store. The Punchy Rugs (it’s plural because you effectively get an unlimited amount… since you can copy it) is 1 prim, and cost 150L$.

All these are available inworld or on the marketplace.

Weeee…I’m gonna take the weekend off!

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