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I’ve been feeling very unmotivated with the blogging of late, but hey, I’m sure it’ll come back. Eventually. (Right now, I’m in one of my “listen to loud uncool music all day long” phase. Trust me, you don’t want to know.)

In the meantime, this post was actually inspired by the fact that my RL flat doesn’t have an outside space, not even a balcony, and in the summer, this is something I really miss. From that point of view, I’m actually grateful that summer so far hasn’t been that summery. Yay for non summery summers. Yeah, I’m weird.


Skybox: UmweltSeasons Hunt Tropico Skybox
Swimming Pool: [kusshon] “lil pool”. freebie.
Sand and stuff (including awning): –Hanaya– Chilling on the Beach Set (also includes beach chairs, not shown))
Chair: –Hanaya– Candylane Canvas Chair (Chocomint), modded (for the Seasons Hunt)
Picnic basket, fruit platter, radio: /artilleri/ Picnic blanket (last week’s *FLF*)
Strawberries & cream: cluttered. summer breakfast (for the Seasons Hunt)
Orchid: (THISnTHAT) Flowers orchid (part of old hunt gift)
Scooter: (pda) Ca plane pour moi (for the Seasons Hunt) (this is AWESOME, by the way!)

Bikini: (Milk Motion) My itsi bitsi bikini for the Season’s Hunt
Flip flops: couverture – special prize sandals (from Rando Museum project)


Hunting Ninja cats

On a whim, and because I obviously have too much time on my hands (um, not really…), and because I’m an absolute cheapskate an avid bargain hunter, I embarked upon the Kiyomizu Summer Hunt. I can’t for the life of me remember what triggered this, some blog post or other, but I can’t find it (yes, that’s really daft!), otherwise I would link to it. Anyway… The hunt takes place mostly on and around Japanese sims, and the prizes are a mixed bag: apparel, furniture, a couple of builds (one skybox and one castle!), one pair of eyes, so a bit of everything. I didn’t find everything (I found about 50 items out of 96), and I threw away a fair bit (as always with hunts), but there are a couple of things that I found, plus some lucky boards and free items that I picked up on the way, that made me glad I took the time.

You’re looking for ninja cats, but it works a bit differently from most hunts. The starting point is in the KIYOMIZU shopping mall, where you land near a rotating cube (there are 3 of them, and the surls are on this page.) Clicking on the cube will take you to a web page with the shops surls, how many cats are hidden at that location (some shops – usually the bigger ones – have more than one), and wether you have found the cat yet (or how many you have found if there is more than one). The page only updates that information when you go back to the cube and click to reload the page, though (i.e. refreshing the page in your browser simply displays the links to the 3 starting points again). It’s actually fairly simple once you get the hang of it. The shops are simply listed as “Shop No 5”, or “Shop no 76”, or whatever, so you have no idea what they are until you get there. Nope, no hints either. Or pictures of what you’ll get when you found the ninja cat. In other words, something I would usually steer well clear of…but I found it surprisingly enjoyable for all that…

Oh, yes, one more thing – it ends on the 9th of July, not sure if that Japan time, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it was…

Here’s what I thought was worth taking pictures of (with my new Kari HUD, yay!):

Shop No 7: Ron Shop
This is not actually the hunt prize, because I couldn’t find it when I first went round. I blame the sky setting I must have been using, cos I found it now, can’t wait to see what it is, but anyway, the lights above are in the “free” section” on the right as you enter. It’s a shop for tinies, but there’s definitely some stuff for us conventional avatars too…

Shop No 61: QP
One of the nicest surprises of this hunt: some lovely skyboxes and stuff there. This is the hunt prize.

Shop No 5: +eChau+
Freebie on the wall of the shop, also matching chairs available (also free), and other stuff, free or cheap.

Shop No 44: Shop Floral harmony
This is the hunt prize.

Both cupboards are from Shop No 26: R+a. The cupboard with the green polka dots back is a hunt prize; the cupboard with green floral back was only L$30, and the whole of the store is really inexpensive (a skybox for L$50, for example).

Shop No 49 : Zill., this is the hunt prize.

Shop No 84: *R&R*, this is the hunt prize.

Shop No 95: SHOP CHIHIRO, this is one of the hunt prizes (there are two to find).

Table: hunt prize (comes with two stools, not show) from Shop No 26: R+a
On table: freebie dishes (not the hunt prize) from Shop No 31: muu workshop

The golden hour

I love love love autumn. OK, I know, me and a few millions other people. 🙂 So of course I did the Seasons hunt (Fall). OK, I know, me and several hundred people… 😉

Not that this is a pure Seasons Hunt post.

Special mention for the skybox – no, it’s not in the Seasons hunt, you get it when you place LITHIUM in your profile picks (details here), it’s absolutely gorgeous, and I thought it made a nice foil to all the orange tones of the other gifts. After all, who wants to look at a picture that’s the visual equivalent of pumpkin soup?

Skybox: Lithium (free – profile pick)
Wall Decal : :CP: (Cheeky Pea) Photo Decal Festifall – no longer available?
Chaise longue: (TLND) My chaise longue Fall (Seasons hunt gift)
Tree: [kusshon] autum tree (Seasons hunt gift)
Frames on wall: Kyoot Home – Autumn Frames (Seasons hunt gift)
Candles: Sand Shack Surf Co Bluegrass Candle Supply Co – Harvest Spice (Seasons hunt gift)
Poufs: ARIRA Cushion 02 & 04 (no, not a season hunt gift)

Lithium | CP (Cheeky Pea)
(TLND) | [kusshon]] | Kyoot Home | Sand Shack Surf Co | ARIRA

Jeux Sans Frontieres

Really, what’s the one item a home should never be without?

A bed? Very probably. A sofa? I suppose… Lamps? In real life, that’s for sure. Flowers? Oh yes. A TV? Not really. A nutmeg grater? Probably not. A piano? Why, of course!

Introducing: Chopin’s piano, the contribution by Diavolicious to the International Affair Hunt (01-Sep to 30-Sep).

This is a very cool idea for a hunt indeed, with each vendor representing a country of their choice. Diavolicious are representing Poland, and are offering a sculpted piano with 4 poses.

All you have to do is find a stamp with the “Diavolicious” logo somewhere in their shop (my hint: look for the evil twins [SURL]).

(The skybox is from Flowey [SURL], and not from the hunt. The sunbeams, in the second picture, come with the skybox, which I accidentally deleted when taking that picture. I know, duh. But I quite liked it anyway…)

I love that it includes a wearable version, so that you can start an impromptu recital whenever and wherever the mood takes you…

In the same hunt, Harry’s Houses [SURL] are offering this cute townhouse…

…complete with attic.

Guess which country they’re representing? 😉

And F&D Designs, for Italy, are offering this dining set [SURL]. Ah, sole mio, romantico! 🙂 (Where’s my italian phrasebook when I need it?)

Cheeky Pea offer a set of vintage suitcases (for…Scotland? O-kay!) [SURL], Juneberry Glasswerks a green cut glass decanter set (for Ireland) (my hint: let yourself be drunk under the table [SURL]).

On the other side of the globe, Dzines by D offers a taste of Japanese living. [SURL]

Oh dear. Believe it or not, this was going to to be a quick post about the piano!

Fabulous gifts & freebies round up – August

Yes, I know, it’s not the end of August yet, but I’m going on holiday tomorrow, so I’ll get this in while I can.

Just (just?) rounding up all the wonderful gifts that I’ve come across this month, a lot of them from the SL House & Garden group notices, but one or two from here and there. All in the spirit of attempting to keep my inventory in order. Order is good. 🙂 And I do want to pay some sort of homage to the generosity of creators out there. Yes, yes, I know, it’s business too…but it still feels like Christmas several times over.

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