Autumn is coming

I fought the lag at Designers United 4 to get the Paul Valery blackboards from [North West], and it was well worth it. I’m still in love with the Molto Bene skybox mentioned in the previous post – who would have thought that red walls could be so appealing? The sofa (complete with cushions) is from Sn@tch, of all places, part of a whole opium-den themed skybox thingy, which was very much a one-off, and is no longer available, as far as I know (but I’d be very happy to be proved wrong).

Add to that a coffee table (from [North West] also), more bits and pieces from LISP Bazaar Ctrl-Alt-Del Noir set, a vintage stereo, and more clocks that anybody really needs…and the resulting look is somewhat… opium danish? Pardon the bad pun… 😉


Skybox: Molto Bene! – Small Skybox | [SURL]
Decorative Blackboards: [North West] P. Valery on board for DU4 | [SURL]
Sofa: Sn@tch Opium Den Bed 2, part of the Opium Den skybox, no longer available
Coffee table: [North West] Gentle coffee table (photo) | [SURL]
Teapot: LISP Bazaar – Stripey Teapot; Lights: LISP Bazaar – Barcode Ceiling Light | [SURL]
Stereo: from a really cool small shop I’d never heard of called SHOWA CITRON | [SURL]
Clocks: *chronokit* Clock No013 – Ceres – M; *chronokit* Clock No10 -propeller- S; *chronokit* satelatio[Clock] 04 | free | [SURL]

Everything’s gone green

It’s funny how things go. There’s a sale on at Molto Bene (I believe it’s till the end of the week, but I could be wrong, can’t remember when the notecard came through), and I had long had my eyes on the Mini Seaside Skybox, just never got around to buying it. So I figured now was a good time to pick it up, and while I was there, I also picked up the Small Skybox, on a whim and … boy, I love it! It’s wonderful. It’s texture change, comes with 11 wall colours and 10 wooden floors, so you get many skyboxes in one (how many? er… lots…)

And then I picked up the Ctrl-Alt-Del Noir – Machinima Special Home Set from LISP Bazaar, which I really wanted to blog, because it’s very very nice, and it’s on special offer until midnight tonight [Mon 6th Sept] (150L for the whole set – at that price I think I might just go and buy a second one! For backup, if nothing else.)

And then I put the two together.


Skybox: Molto Bene! – Small Skybox | [SURL]
Sofa: LISP Bazaar – Houndstooth 60’s Sofa | Tables by sofa: LISP Bazaar – Home Coffee Table; Esc Coffee Table |
Cushion: * Prodigal * cushion grey (tinted), MHOH#3 hunt prize
Cream rug :– (SY)- Floor Rug | no longer available
Green rug: Branch Rug (tinted) | .::La Flat::. | old hunt prize – no longer available?
Clock: *chronokit* Clock No09 -rustclock- S | free | [SURL]
Record player: — analog player by maclane Mills at Regenboog | free
Wall Art: Tempus Fugit (Old DSN gift from the CONTENT collection, no longer available)
Flower: { what next } yellow tulip in vase | free, suscribo welcome gift; Lamp: {what next} September Table Lamp | group gift | [SURL]
Mug on table: [ARIA] Mela American coffee mug-Grape- (old SL Home & Garden Hunt prize)

Free Textures

I’m still on holiday, with only sporadic access to the internet (not that I’m complaining! :-)), so pictures of room sets are not really practical right now (thought I have a few ideas that I definitely want to try and implement when I get back home), but I’ve been playing with textures: the laptop I took with me has a copy of both Gimp and Photoshop Elements (5.0? I think…), so I can get frustrated with two graphics programs instead of just one… 🙂 (I usually work with Gimp.)

I thought I’d post some textures I’ve been working on, because… hey, why not! I have probably a thousand photographs to play around with (yeah, I’ll be building next, you betcha), and I keep taking more pictures; it’s quite fascinating, actually, looking at, and photographing, the textures that make up a city. Oh, yes, I’m quite aware that people probably think I’m mad, when they see me taking pictures of a brick wall. 🙂 Good thing they don’t realise that I have about 50 pictures of brick walls already. If they did, they would definitely think I’m mad!

The pictures below I’m pretty pleased with. I’ll probably refine them at some point, but in the meantime, they are free for you to download and use any which way you find inspiring, wether it’s overlay for pictures processing, or (a more likely use I would think) building textures. They are free for you to use in both personal and commercial projects. (However, you may NOT sell the textures themselves and/or pass them as your own).

They are 512 x 512 and seamless.

Credit (a link to this post, or the texture on Flickr) would be nice. If you use them in a cool build, I’d love to see it…but that’s not mandatory. 🙂

Fabulous gifts & freebies round up – August

Yes, I know, it’s not the end of August yet, but I’m going on holiday tomorrow, so I’ll get this in while I can.

Just (just?) rounding up all the wonderful gifts that I’ve come across this month, a lot of them from the SL House & Garden group notices, but one or two from here and there. All in the spirit of attempting to keep my inventory in order. Order is good. 🙂 And I do want to pay some sort of homage to the generosity of creators out there. Yes, yes, I know, it’s business too…but it still feels like Christmas several times over.

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All alone in the night

A bit of an obscure reference, this title.

I was actually all set to blog the three skyboxes you can pick up right now as part of one hunt or another (one in the one, and two in the other – see below), and I spent all day trying to come up with a cool title involving the words “skyboxes” and “hunts” in the same sentence – and failing miserably.

So I’m quite glad, really, that of the three, there’s only one I like enough to blog about.

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