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English summer

What can I say…I know there’s been a heatwave in Europe, but here in the UK (yeah, yeah, I know the UK is in Europe, geographically speaking – but it doesn’t always feel that way), apart from a few very muggy days, the weather has been quite changeable, with quite a bit of rain. Which suits me fine, I love rain. So when I discovered that the Scarlet Creative skybox had texture change windows, and one of the settings was “rainy”, I knew it was a keeper. Even if the rainy effect is much more obvious if you rez the skybox in a big white box, which is what I’ve done here.


Skybox: Scarlet Creative – Paradise Circus (available on the Marketplace). (Floor slightly modded.)
Rug: The Loft– (SY)- Floor Rug (no longer available)
Bed: .::PopArt::. Ian Sexbed (slightly modded)
Dresser: /artilleri/ bernard dresser
Laundry basket: b.v Laundry basket (gray) (Rando Museum Project gacha item [surl])
Bedside table: Kinokoko – Garden Rack(WHITE)
Bedside lamp: :[MudHoney]: Designs – Wicker Sphere Lamp
Orange Juice: MudHoney Lemonade Cup (part of the MudHoney Dinner Party set)
Candles: MudHoney Beige Candle Jar (part of the MudHoney Dinner Party set)
Mirror: [North West] Tall Gilt Mirror w/ resizer (old hunt gift)
TV: Sway’s TV Time – RetroTV
Bench: LISP – Provence Bench – Texture Change (from Lisp L$10 garden)
Plants: Vent du Sud herb trio, Second Spaces Urban Garden concrete planter
Picture frame: [North West] Single frame on a string (white)
Books on floor: The Loft– (LP)- Book Stack (no longer available)
Book on table: Ulysses (Grimalkin edition)
Lamp: {SS} Ice Storm Lamp – Harvest Gold
Table: /artilleri/ Atomic table *boomerang*
Flowers: UrbanizeD – Vase & Floral Decoration “Gravis” – Bali (Limited)
Armchair: [mdrm]summer sofa

On the dresser:
Heads: Picnic figure head – apricots, prince
Painting: [croire] june group gift
Radio: b.v Radio (sky)

Beautiful understatement

And now for a slightly different post.

I met Amona on Flickr, and we chatted a bit, and she made me the kindest offer: would I like to come round and take pictures of her Scarlet Creative house?

Oh yessssssss!!!!! was my reaction, of course. 🙂

Amona herself has taken several pictures of the house, and they’re lovely. I hadn’t actually looked at the whole set before taking my pictures, and some of my pictures mirror hers, but hopefully, there’s not too much overlap.

I have to show you my favourite of the set, though – I love it so much.

Foggy dreams 1

Walking round the garden and house, I was in awe of how exquisitely Amona styled the whole space. Everything is quietly luxe in an understated way, and with a beautiful attention to detail. Every corner of her island is a peaceful retreat from the outside world.

A house for all seasons.

Hope you like.

Um, Amona? Hope you didn’t mind me trying out your shower? 😉

Scarlet Creative Giftie

Charlotte Bartlett (Scarlet Creative) is giving away a lovely prefab, it’s available from xStreet or the GNUbie store. I had to strip it to its bare minimum (it’s mod – thank you!!!!) to rez it on my land, and even then I’m not left with a lot of prims to play with, so here’s a very minimalist take on it.

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