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Bedroom Bliss

A while ago, I took a deep breath, and I went and spent some “real” money on a Second Life™ build. This is not something I choose to do often, for a few reasons, but that specific build is so beautiful that it kept calling my name, and some things you just don’t want to fight…

The build I’m talking about is Y’s House OMISE001 (actually, I love love love all of Yacchan Clip’s builds…but this was the only one that would fit on my land…).

And every now and again, I take it out of my inventory and gaze admiringly at it, and then store it back; because I simply do not have the prim allowance to really furnish it as nicely as I would like. It barely fits onto my 1024 parcel as it is.

Still, I love it. It’d be the first thing I’d save if my inventory was on fire.

Click on the picture to see it in a larger size. SURLs are on the SURL page (the link is at at the top of the banner, and also at the end of this post).


Prefab: *Y’s HOUSE* OMISE001

Bed: Pestique Brass Bed with Texturechange and Sleep poses

Hanging lamp by bed: cluttered. ‘don’t blink’ (lamp) ( old group gift)

Console: ::PopArt:: Paola Console

Flowers: Calla Lilies in Marble Vase (Arda Fauna)

Lamp on table: /artilleri/ Melbourne lamp *white*

Rug: :CP: Hemp Rug

Record player (with headphones): /artilleri/ Phonograf *white*

Ceiling lamps: reBourne lamp Africa



Snapshots from the Home & Garden Expo – reBourne Prefabs

Now this is the one thing so far I’ve seen at the expo that had me go ohmygodilovethisimgonnabuythisthisisutterlygorgeousihavetohavethisiLOVEit.

But then I found it that I would need several hundred kidneys. At least. Or win the Slottery. Not going to happen.

I might just wear my Grimalkin wearable bed and become a squatter…

reBourne at the Expo (and I would strongly advise visiting and seeing for yourself… pictures can’t do these builds justice…)
reBourne main store

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