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Orange by any other name

I had this rather grand idea to do Luna Jubilee’s 52 weeks of colour challenge all with home deco pictures, if only because I felt that I was part of the way there if I used previous posts. I have electric lime, how hard can the rest be? 😉

That was before I hit a million snags connecting to SL – for the past 12 days, I have either been unable to log in, or disconnected two minutes in. Over and over and over again. I’m still trying to figure out what the problem is. I tried deinstalling all the viewers on my PC, then reinstalling, and it seemed like that did the trick, but it didn’t. I’m at the stage where I think I probably need a new ISP. So until I sort out the problem, the 52 weeks of colour will have to wait, and so will everything else I want to do in SL. I did join Plurk, though (if I had known I was going to be locked out of SL for so long, I might have waited a bit…but hey, it’s all good fun.) You’re all very welcome to add me, if you want to.

I swear I would do the credits for this picture if I could actually login (okay… so today is one of the “cannot login at all days”, rather than “get disconnected” days? Fine.)

By the way, that was week 28 (Neon Carrot). Yes, that late. Oh well, never mind. Moving on, maybe I can aggregate all of the past month picture into one post. That’d be a challenge in itself.


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