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Domestic goddess

I’ve been living in Bang Bang Summer House for a while, and I really love the space. It feels just right – not too big, not too small (I’m not a fan of huge rooms, for some reason…yeah, I know I don’t have to worry about central heating bills, but still, I prefer a space that’s human sized…). I like to think of it as this cute crumbling around the edges house in the south of France (or somewhere warm, at any rate), that I picked up for a song and that I’m having lots of fun redecorating. Not that there’s anything wrong with the house – I just like tinkering!

For some reason, one half of the space really said “kitchen” to me. Which was a bit of a challenge. I’m not really a kitchen person (when I make toast, I know it’s ready when the fire alarm goes on…). So I had to improvise (not much kitchen stuff in my inventory), which actually works well with the feel I was going for.

Also, there’s something about “kitchen” that brings out the 1950’s housewife in me. So that meant Ivalde Marilyn wiggle dress. Of course. Bonus: it matches my saucepans.


Prefab: Bang Bang Lairs Summer House
Wearing: [SP] (Stray Pig) bowl & whisk
Kitchen counters: Vent du Sud farmhouse kitchen table pine (modded – I took off the table cloth), Barcode – Stewart Kitchen Island (no longer available)
Cans on floor: Can1 (Sandar Hax) – picked up in Kowloon, if memory serves
Fridge: /artilleri/ Dexter fridge
Shelf with saucepans, kitchen utensils, yellow juicer, fruit bowl, dish rack: part of Cleo design lucky prim hunt gift
Stove: {HisHappyHousewife} Stove (no longer available)
Sink unit: *~Fancy That~* French Country Kitchen Sink (modded)
Table: El’n – Baker’s Table Medium (no longer available)
Floor texture: Algerto textures lino geo (sorry, can’t remember for the life of me where I got these – in a freebie box somewhere. I just hope to god they’re legit. If anybody knows otherwise, please do let me know.)
Wall texture: Insight Design Fickle wall plaster (free with the Fickle prefab in Lucky Prim hunt)



Lightbulb moment

Another quick one.

I’m obviously in a green (or even chartreuse) mood…

Prefab: Sweet To The Max Modern Villa (as previously blogged), available at the Pacific Crisis Fundraiser sim [SURL]
Sofa: Italica I.D – Frankie couch green, at the Pacific Crisis Fundraiser sim as above.
Side table: –Hanaya– Plant Stand (free with the Tulips in Glass Jar for PCF), at the Pacific Crisis Fundraiser sim as above.
Rug: *~Fancy That~* Pixel Rug
Green light: CHABINNS Pendant light 6color (not currently available)
Oversized lightbulbs: Jessentials Light Bulb Lamp (not sure if that’s available separately, this was part of a housethat was a past hunt gift).

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