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Urban Oasis

Oh dear. I’ve been sitting on this for ages, and it’s high time I posted it, because summer is nearly over, and this is a post for those long hot summer days, where all you wanna do in hang out in the shade, preferably by a pool. We’ve had about 5 of those days this summer, I think. Which isn’t actually bad at all for an English summer.

Click on any picture to see it in a larger size. SURLs are on the SURL page (the link is at at the top of the banner, and also at the end of this post).


Skybox: Designer Prims There’s No Place Like Home Skybox (modded) (former hunt gift)
Blinds on windows: Blinds110_10 from Blinds Personal Box by LC Sculpts
Hammock: Designer Prims Hammock (part of former hunt gift)
Parasol: Vent du sud parasol – colour change
Side table: :CP: Milly’s Garage Sale Table
Laundry: .::SAAB::. Washing Line
Wooden garden boxes: *~MMG’s~* Soil-mini box [A] (dollarbie), filled with koshka / garden tomato (free on the marketplace); rosey bush (freebie picked up somewhere long ago); and poppies from UrbanizeD (Fairy Florals (Type 001) // Wild Poppies Red)
Plant-filled bathtub: Vent du sud bathtub planter
Stool: *Y’s HOUSE* CHIBI Stool [Ethnic/07] (from Rando Museum Project gacha)
Pink Flowers Tree: *PW* (Petals on the Wind) Sittin’ in a Tree (old hunt gift)
Blue poppies: [[[nocc]]] P. dubium(nagami-hinageshi) blue
Eucalyptus Tree: from the library

Garden part:
Tree: Unicorn Cheese Factory Season Tree 1 Small (texture change)
Grass: Pocket Gardens – Country grass 1 (part of set from old hunt gift); MIASNOW Garden – GRASS PATCH 3prim tintable
Flowers: Fabulous Finds Iris Field- 1 Prim (no longer available), G&W Wild Flower Collection : Tall red Poppies field, UrbanizeD Fairy Florals (Type 001) // Wild Poppies Red, [[[nocc]]] P. dubium(nagami-hinageshi) blue, Ya’s Dream Creations White Pansies, Ya’s Dream Creations Blue/White Pansies (on the marketplace)



All hands on deck

Well, my internet problems kept on happening, I rang my internet provider, talked to first line support, who were beyond useless, talked to second line support, who were beyond useless, took steps to change my line provider, and since then my connection is great. Let’s hope I’m not making a mistake.

We’ll see.

This is UrbanizeD summer desk for SUYS, which last time I checked (which was this morning), is still available for the bargain price of L$150, and is very very nice (and texture change to boot). Just add champagne, fresh fruits and cupcakes, and what more do you need…


Outdoor space: UrbanizeD – Floating Deck “All Aboard” – SUYS Edition
Vase: UrbanizeD – Vase & Orchid “Follow Your Dreams” – Dubai Sands
Cocktail: Designer Prims Orange Cocktail
Fruits Platter: Designer Prims Cut Lemons and Limes
Cupcakes: :CP: Cupcake Stand

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