Shore Leave

So I’ve been working on this house for a while (slowly, because I had to go back home a couple of times because of family stuff, and then I’ve beeen on holidays), and I thought it would make a great gift for the Four walls hunt, which starts today. It will definitely be a full price release after the hunt, but for now, you can pick it up for a song. (May I suggest this one?)

What you’ll be getting is a light-filled modern beach house with large windows and a sliding door. It features 3 rooms (one at the front, two at the back), all with whitewashed walls and clean wood floors. The front room also features a multiplane glass wall in oceanic tones, which provides a striking focal point.

There’s no hint, but that’s because it’s really REALLY really easy to find. I swear.


The hunt is on till the 15th September. Previews, and store SLURLs are available at: Hunt items will be valued at 250L or more, but cost only 10L for the duration of the event

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