Latte to go, please

I set off to build a simple skybox to get back in the swing of thing, and here’s the result (don’t ask me what took me so long…. it’s a question I ask myself….)

For some reason, I really wanted to build a soothing space with coffee shades. Very summery, I know [shakes head]. Then again, the weather feels like autumn anyway, at least in my part of the world, so it might be quite fitting after all.

And then I decided I was going to add curtains. Yeah. Why not? So there you go: a nice zen space in various shades of coffee, with texture change curtains, with a choice of browns, two teals, and a chartreuse (each curtain can be set separately, so you can of course set them all the same. Or not.)

The curtains between the rooms open and close (simply touch the curtains themselves); the curtains at the windows don’t.

52 prims, approximately 18m X 9m, minimum plot size 512. 150L$.

To access the textures menu:
For the windows curtains, touch the wooden curtain box above the set of triple windows, this will bring up a menu that will allow you to change each curtain separately.

For the curtains that separate the rooms, touch the curtain rail. You will be able to change the left/ right curtain separately.

Taxi to store
Taxi to demo area


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