White Christmas

And I’m in yet more hunts, two of them to be exact, yeah, yeah, I know, that’s probably too many, and I swear that’ll be it for a while…bear with me…

Anyway, the first one is the Home and Garden Market Hunt, which is on from the 18th Nov to the 2nd of Dec. My hunt item is a smaller, leaner skybox version of yesterday’s release: same textural palette, no shadows, but it does have a window set in an internal wall… Both buildings actually work really well together, in terms of dimensions; if you can overlook the lack of a door, the skybox makes for a nice little secluded retreat/ writing studio/ sewing room/ guest room/ flexible space when stacked on top of the main build.

You’re looking for an apple, and the hint is “Between a rug and a table”. All hunt items (and you can see them all on the Home and Garden Market blog, which I think is GREAT) are 10L$.

And I’m also taking part in the Traditional Christmas Hunt (well, it is that time of the year) organised by the Cookie Jar. Now, the theme for the hunt is traditional Christmas, but I wanted to build something that was a little bit less specific, if only because it doesn’t seem quite fair to exclude people who might not celebrate Christmas for whatever reason. So I built a small skybox with snow falling outside the windows, and walls that are texture change with a choice of snowflake wallpaper or a soft pale grey paint. After all, what could be more traditional than a white Christmas, right? OK, it’s a caucasian centric view, but hey, I’m trying.

You’re looking for a red stocking, and the hint is “are you sure this is a fireplace? It looks a bit boxy to me….”

And the Season’s Palette hunt gift is still available, as is the matching cheapie rug. And the Dollar for Dollar hunt gift too. And I need to take down the poster for the Screaming For Fall hunt and retire the item, but I haven’t gone round to doing so yet…

Happy hunting!


Life In The Glass House

Newness! I think of this as the bastard love child of a disused factory and a Scandinavian wood house, though admittedly I might have a bit of a skewed view of both. A light and airy space, with white walls, wooden floors, huge windows (and lots of them – can’t help it, I love windows; I even puts them in internal walls!), and exposed metal beams (sure they’re a bit rusty, but that just adds to the atmosphere, if you ask me). With 3 rooms and a hallway, there’s plenty of scope for arranging the space the way you want, and the neutral colour palette will go with every style. The shadows are switchable on and off, so it’ll work whether you’re using a shadows enabled viewer or not.

Demo is of course available to view inworld: [TAXI].

Falling for a sofa in bedsitland…

Heyyyyyy! I’m back!

Home was lovely (it always is), and right now, I need to force myself to get back into building mode, after doing nothing SL related for a week. I’m getting there, slowly.

In the meantime, I’m in two more hunts. The first one is called the Screaming for Fall hunt, and it started on the 31 Oct. It’s one of those short and sweet ones which you can probably finish in a couple of hours (I must admit those are my favourites, when I do get around to doing hunts). All the hunt items are priced between 0L and 10L. My hunt gift is a modern sofa in red wool/ red tweed. It’s texture change: each part of the sofa (that’s the seat, the back, and both arms) can be set separately to plain red wool or red tweed; so you can have a red wool sofa, a red tweed sofa, and any combination between the two. It’s accessorized with 3 velvet cushions, which are also texture change with a choice of 7 colours (3 blue shades, 2 purple shades, one pink shade and one brown shade). And it comes with 6 poses (for one avatar only – it’s a selfish sofa….). The hunt version of the sofa is no mod; after the hunt, the sofa will be available for sale in my normal copy/mod/no transfer permissions. It’s yours for 10L. You’re looking for a pumpkin, and the hint is “there was no space left in the boxes to pack the pumpkin”. The hunt is on from 31 Oct to 18 Nov.

The second one is called the Dollar For Dollar hunt (all hunt gifts are 1L), and my hunt gift for that one is a skybox with fireplace and distressed walls, like a room in an old victorian house that has seen better days. It’s a kind of a snapshot of something I’ve been working on which will be out…weeeeellll…later… Maybe much later. At some point. When I get round to it. Probably before the end of next year. I think. Anyway, you’re looking for a dollar bill, and the hint is “I’m sure I got some change from buying that coffee…” The hunt is on from 01 Nov to 01 Dec.

Of course the hunt gift for the Season’s Palette Hunt is still available, as is the matching cheapie rug.

Oh, and I’ve finished A Dance with Dragons, which is actually really good, much better than some of the Amazon reviews would have you believe, IMO. Now there’s probably about five years to kill before The Winds of Winter (the next one). Sigh. I just wish my local library bought this, but that’s probably too much to ask. Ah well. Only 9 months to wait until the paperback version is out, then I’ll buy it in a heartbeat. I love this guy.

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