New release: Winter Light

Windows… I love them. I find there’s never enough of them for my taste … so I built this: a multi purpose space that’s flooded with light on every side. (Me, I especially love the meditation nook :-)). Cream walls and dark wooden floors make this a restful shell, ready for you to put your stamp on. For added versatility, two of the walls are texture change, loaded with a mix of vintage patterns and sueded blues and grays.

It’s available to demo in world, and you can also subscribe to the group (no group slot required), for updates and the occasional group gift (I’m working on one right now…).

[TAXI] | Marketplace

Yes, yes, yes, I know. It’s now Autumn, and everybody is doing pumpkins. Well, I’ll do something autumnal later, and I’m afraid I’m not a big fan of pumpkins…


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