Snapshots from the Home & Garden Expo – JJ Lanes

Welcome to a distant shore.

JJ Lanes main store
JJ Lanes at the Expo

Snapshots from the Home & Garden Expo – reBourne Prefabs

Now this is the one thing so far I’ve seen at the expo that had me go ohmygodilovethisimgonnabuythisthisisutterlygorgeousihavetohavethisiLOVEit.

But then I found it that I would need several hundred kidneys. At least. Or win the Slottery. Not going to happen.

I might just wear my Grimalkin wearable bed and become a squatter…

reBourne at the Expo (and I would strongly advise visiting and seeing for yourself… pictures can’t do these builds justice…)
reBourne main store

Snapshots from the Home & Garden Expo – Post

I’m slowly making my way through the Home & Garden Expo, just wandering around and taking pictures. I’m not buying much so far, saw some lovely stuff at Urbanized that I thought was really nice, but I’ll have to sell a few kidneys first to be able to afford it, and I’m down to my last 67 lindens.

In the meantime, my favourite build of the Expo so far, by a long way, is the one by Post – fantastic mood, fantastic texturing, and a cow with two heads – need I say more?

Post at the Expo
Post Mainstore

Beach shack baby

With the warmer weather making an appearance, I’d been on the look out for a nice shabby beach shack, so I was pretty happy when Cheeky Pea released the Coquina Beach Shack last Saturday. It’s not quite shabby enough (I mean that in a good way!), but it’s very lovely, and perfect as a summer hideaway. Room with a view and a pink flamingo.

And I finally managed to tame my inventory (well, the “Buildings” and “Homewares” part)…just in time for the Home & Garden expo

Click on any picture to see it in a larger size. SURLs are on the SURL page (the link is at at the top of the banner, and also at the end of this post).

Prefab: :CP: Coquina Beach Shack
“Beach” sign: *Tatty Soup* Beach Arrow Sign
Welcome mat: Pestique Welcome Mat (freebie)
Table: *Tatty Soup* Happy Jack Table Bluey (free in a box full of stuff at the front of the store)
Chair: [North West] Chaise Pigeon (stripey)
Couch: (TLND) Blue Velvet Couch (old hunt gift)
Bubble Chair: [croire] suspended bubble chair
Stool: *cheap cheap* Sit 1
Glass of wine: part of Designer Prims old group gift (I think…)
Lamp: :[MudHoney]: Designs – Wicker Sphere Lamp (no longer available?)
String lights: Turnip’s Festive Paper Lanterns string of 7 teal, string of 3 red
Rug: JJ Design Rug teal_fky (no longer available?)
Books: Junk Ruckus! (no longer available)
Candles: :CP: Boat Decor (come with shack); (TLND) Small Candles (gatcha win)
Fan: Showa Citron FAN
Turntable: [FSR]Vintage VF Turntable in Orange (no longer available)
Records box: [FSR]Vintage 7inch Box (Green) (no longer available)
Stool (used as table for the turntable): *Tatty Soup* Happy Jack Stool Bluey (free in a box full of stuff at the front of the store)
Photographs: Clothes Line Photos (lrg) (no longer available)
Blinds: LC Sculpts Blinds110_09 by es0 sculptie, free for personal use (I just coloured it a bit, but didn’t apply a texture to it)
Curtains: Vent du sud touch close curtain, retextured (I was just fooling around…I know it did destroy the “curtain” effect), which is a bit of a shame; the curtains with the original textures are colour change into a zillion lot of different colours, and it’s only 1l, as is everything else at Vent du Sud.
Pink flamingo: from the library


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It’s a jungle out there

Potted plants: voila, instant gardening! Just add comfy armchair (it’s till too cold to sit on the ground).

All plants, Heritage Furniture, FREE until Mother’s day, thanks to Skeek Home for the tip!
Armchair: ++LP2++ sofa 099 F_Hawaiian (texture change)
Table: LP2 Glass table, free (current group gift)
Watering can: ++LP2++ Watering can, old group gift

Bikini: /artilleri/ Nyna bikini *purple*

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