Um…Happy New Year?

When does the new year start becoming the not so new year, anyway?
OK, I’m probably on the wrong side of whatever that line is….sorry…

Been away. Life things, health things (ongoing), other things. Didn’t log in to SL, didn’t even check the blog stats for the longest time (and I’m addicted to stats). But I have, now, and I can’t tell you how humbled and grateful I am that people are apparently still reading this blog. Whoever you are – THANK YOU!!!!! It means a lot.

I have a backlog of over 1000 blog posts to read (Google Reader stops giving precise numbers over 1000…), I haven’t even logged onto my Flickr account yet, I was already behind with my inventory anyway, so missing out on all the stuff that’s been produced since I went AWOL might not be such a bad thing. Did I miss anything really good? Please somebody tell me… :-).

On the really bright side, I have lots of $L to spend.

I have stuff I want to post, and I will get around to posting it, at some point.

On the other hand…I’ve rediscovered music, which is something I used to be absolutely passionate about – if only as a listener – until I went to live under a rock over 10 years ago. So I’m slowly catching up on the gazillion bands that I missed first time round and thinking half seriously about learning to play an instrument. Heck, life’s too short.

In the meantime, I’ve started a wee music blog type thing (basically just posting You Tube clips of my favourite tracks, at least for the time being), not sure where I want to take it yet…but this is where it lives if anybody is interested:

Good Things

I’ll be back to sofas and whatnots in a tick.

Happy New Year! 2011…it’s the new 2010.


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