Poetic licence

Somebody offered to buy my land recently, and it got me thinking… yeah, why not? I’m fine where I am, but maybe I can make a profit, and buy even more stuff to blog… πŸ™‚

So I went a-walking, to get some idea of the land prices, because I don’t really want to sell my land and find out I’ve made a loss, I mean it’s not a huge deal, but hey, money’s money, right? Even when it’s Linden money. And I don’t really want to find out what happens with tier if you buy a second piece of land, and then give up the first a few days later.

Now buying land is easy – it’s finding it that’s the time consuming part. I saw a few parcels, at widely varying prices, but wasn’t wowed by any of them. I did see a parcel that piqued my curiosity: 512sq m, unblocked sea views. $L70000. Yes, you read that right. No, I haven’t mistyped. Yes, it’s the right number of zeros; I checked 5 times.

Seventy thousand linden dollars. Yes, it’s on mainland.

Well, I love a sea view… and at that price, I expect nothing less that a majestic panorama, so of course I teleport. I’m really curious to see what you get for $L70000.

You get this.

Mmmm. Well, the view could be more cluttered, yes. It IS quite nice, yes. But… seventy thousand linden dollars?????? And let’s not forget that Second Life planning permissions being what they are (i.e. non existant), there’s absolutely no guarantee that the current view will not ever be blocked by somebody building a replica of the London South Bank Center, or worse (no, wait, with the right texturing, it could make a cool skybox, actually…) right on your doorsteps.

Bet the guy (gal?) who sells it is an estate agent in real life.

Here’s the URL, if any of you, dear readers, has fallen in love with the view:

Now this parcel is a stone throw away…and so much more reasonable at $L1332. This is nice, actually…

And this one is even better value cheaper, at $L522.


I think I’m going to think about it….Let’s not rush things….


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  1. * Juniper says:

    I recently decided to sell my land and save myself the extra $5 tier and rent from a friend who has really cheap Mainland rentals (at almost $L1 per prim, its awesomesauce!). I thought I would stop being a Premium member too but I can donate some of my tier to her group and she’ll give me a discount, plus I can use the weekly stipend to pay for rent.

    All in all I think I’m gonna save money. (hopefully) I’m trying to put less money into the game and more money into RL πŸ˜€

    Let me know if this sounds appealing to you, I could hook you up!

    | Reply Posted 7 years, 6 months ago
    • Juniper – thanks for the kind offer, but owning a 512m parcel works fine for me… It was a one off cost (can’t even remember how much it was – not that much), and now I get to spend the whole of my weekly stipend on whatever takes my fancy!

      I must say, I don’t regret being a premium member – I haven’t put any money in the game since I got premium membership. I’m actually pretty good at not buying expensive things, which helps! πŸ˜‰

      | Reply Posted 7 years, 6 months ago
      • * Paola says:

        lol, you’ll have to explain how you manage not to buy expensive things in SL! What’s the secret?

        On a more serious note, I too don’t put any money in game any more and have a very exciting SL job that pays for my fashion addiction and rent… however I noticed that lately I tend to save more. I simply don’t end up broke waiting for the next paycheck. The end is nigh, I reckon…

        Posted 7 years, 6 months ago
      • Hey, Paola, cool to see you here!!! πŸ™‚

        Ah ah, the secret? Well, I’m cheap! πŸ˜‰

        No… but I avoid looking at the fashion feeds, at least on a regular basis – no even knowing about the stuff I would probably want to buy if I did know it existed is half the battle. The only two blogs I read everyday are FabFree and Free*Style. And I waste far too much time doing hunts. And taking pictures! That’s another thing – I probably love taking pictures more than I love shopping. Mind you, I have a buildings addiction. And a furniture addiction. (Hence this blog.)

        Beyond that – I simply cannot bring myself to spend real money (i.e. anything over $L200 – stop laughing at the back!) on stuff that’s basically a bunch of bytes stored on a server very far away.

        Do you find you get to a point that you have so much stuff, it becomes more of a hassle than a source of pleasure? I know I do, and if anything in RL more than in SL, but I think some of it filters down…

        Posted 7 years, 6 months ago

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