All alone in the night

A bit of an obscure reference, this title.

I was actually all set to blog the three skyboxes you can pick up right now as part of one hunt or another (one in the one, and two in the other – see below), and I spent all day trying to come up with a cool title involving the words “skyboxes” and “hunts” in the same sentence – and failing miserably.

So I’m quite glad, really, that of the three, there’s only one I like enough to blog about.

abode– hunt gift for the “For The Love Of Science” hunt is mercifully free of geeky references. What you get instead is a tasteful space with dark wood floors, red brick walls, a fireplace and a crackling fire (well, it looks like it’s crackling – I need to fix my soundcard, so cannot vouch for the actual sound effects, if there are any…). Pretty big space, too, certainly by the standard of my 512m plot. I had to rez it in a sandbox, and even there, the rezzer – it comes with a rezzer, I usually hate these things, but in this case, it wasn’t too annoying – the rezzer, was I saying, hiccuped and put all the objects in my Lost and Found folder. I’m pretty sure the skybox isn’t meant to be as dark and moody as my picture would suggest (it comes with some lovely sunbeams, but placing them manually was a bit of a hassle, so maybe I’ll try again later and report). I found a shabby chic chair somewhere in the air, too, when I was cleaning up. So I’m sure the build is meant to be sun drenched and ever so slightly shabby chic-cy. Possibly. Let me know… šŸ™‚

Oh, and the other two skyboxes? A.D.D. Andel has a skybox in the NIAH (Needle In A Haystack) hunt, and Sugar.Snap.Me has a skybox in the FTLOS hunt. The FTLOS hunt ends on the 28th of August; the NIAH hunt ends on the 31st. Both skyboxes are extremely easy to find (my tip for A.D.D. Andel: don’t disregard the obvious :-); for Sugar.Snap.Me, trust me, you don’t need a tip!)

Oh yeah, while I’m on about the NIAH hunt, the gift from Park Place is actually pretty cool, I did find the hint to be reasonably helpful in finding the gift (click the board in the store).


Skybox: -abode- The Bachelorette | free FTLOS hunt gift | [SURL]
Sofa: Couch Natural Fiber Black and Yellow | free Arte’s Fato & Furniture subscribo gift [SURL]
Record player: – analog player- by maclane Mills at Regenboog | free – oh, do visit the place, it’s absolutely wonderful! | [SURL]
Chandelier (you can never have too many chandeliers….): in the sale at {what next} | [SURL]


Rocking Chair: Park Place retro rocker | free, NIAH hunt gift [SURL]

Record player: as above.
Skybox: blogged in a previous post.


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