Music…books…rain…hot chocolate….

The simple pleasures in life are also the best.

This was set up for the SL House & Garden contest, the theme being “tiny, cosy spaces”, though I’m not sure the room is actually so tiny… But I love the results, so I can live with that. I might work on something smaller, we’ll see. I quite like having a theme to work around, actually.


Skybox:buttons. rainy.days skybox dollarbie (11 prims), very heavily modded, texture-wise (and I want to extend both my thanks to Meila Solo for giving this mod rights, and my most heartfelt apologies for messing around with it so much – it’s really not a reflection on how lovely the original is, I just love tinkering with things!) [SURL]

Textures on ceiling & wall between windows: Torley Linden | free xstreet

Sofa (with cushions): off-brand furniture :::OBF::: Couch – TYPE A (Color Change) | [SURL]

Paper lamp: HOC – Japanese paper lantern | [SURL]
Table lamp: fashin lamp small 7 by Typo Welders | xstreet

Rugs: Olive Juice, SL Home & Garden Hunt prize (modded); JJ Design Shaggy Rug (Old DSN Gift)

Armchair: retro armchair (no longer available, modded).

Pillows on floor: Prodigal, MHOH#3 hunt prize, tinted.

Bench: HOC Japanese wooden bench

Bonsai: [ Organica ] Alder Bonsai, from SL House & Garden hunt

Blank canvas trio: Aria, part of SL Home & Garden Hunt prize. (How I do wish they were mod, so I could put my own texture on them!)

Record player: /artilleri/ Phonograf *white* | [SURL]

Coffee cup: nordari xstreet

Book stacks: part of Junk Ruckus book bundle [SURL]; .SunnyM. Little Book Pile, [ARIA] Mela four book pile (SL Home & Garden Hunt prize again)

Candles: The Loft- (SY)- Simple Candles (no longer available); ::EmJay:: Candle 2 (I think this was part of some set from a hunt), (TLND) Small Candle L OFF, Small Candle M OFF (Gacha items) [SURL]

Garland lights: (iTuTu) Frozen branch Illumination | [SURL]

Lillies in vase: Calla Lilies in Marble Vase by Arda Fauna, free item picked up somewhere a long time ago

Round tables by sofa: made by me, from an absolutely brilliant tutorial by Ayumi Cassini

Antique map: made by me, texture from on flickr here

Tryptich: made by me, again from Ayumi’s tutorial, textures from cleanzor on flickr here, here and here


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  1. * Juniper says:

    Tried the slurl for the skybox store but it just teleports me to the middle of the air and I start falling a couple thousand feet. Is “buttons” the name of the store?

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 1 month ago
    • Juniper – you’re right! It was working when I last checked it, but that was a couple of days ago. Looks like the main store is currently closed, reopening in September, but there’s a satellite location, and (yay!), the skybox is available there. I’ve updated the SURL. Thank you so much for letting me know! 🙂

      | Reply Posted 8 years, 1 month ago

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