LA Flat skybox – now it’s home!

Well, one corner of it is furnished, at any rate.

It’s a good thing I like a fairly minimalistic look – this ate the sum total of my prim allowance. 117 isn’t much.

Skybox: The Rippen Vintage Beach Shack Skybox | La Flat
Window cushion (right): Brown & Gold Meditation Pillow | LA Flat [SURL]
Clocks: Sunburst Clock, Starburst Clock (no longer available)
Record player: Turntable ver.2 | ponitee:::
Record shelves: Recordshelves [wood]; Recordshelves [white] | ponitee::: [SURL]
Lamp: /artilleri/ tampa table lamp ARTILLERI Home [SURL]
Chair: Marine chair | .::PopArt::.
Wall Art: nature curtain | .::PopArt::. [SURL]
Cups: Nordari paper.cup 04, 02, 03 |
Rug: Patio Rug | PrimWright |


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  1. * Juniper says:

    Wow, it is lovely and I love the way you’ve decorated it.

    | Reply Posted 7 years, 7 months ago

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