Scarlet Creative Giftie

Charlotte Bartlett (Scarlet Creative) is giving away a lovely prefab, it’s available from xStreet or the GNUbie store. I had to strip it to its bare minimum (it’s mod – thank you!!!!) to rez it on my land, and even then I’m not left with a lot of prims to play with, so here’s a very minimalist take on it.


  • LA Flat | Shabby Barn Wood Coffee Table |[SURL]
  • [[[nocc]]] | mini flower <pink> | [SURL] : [Blog]
  • Scarlet Creative | Love Store | [SURL]

There’s a sale on, too. I do love the prefabs (it’s the kind of real life houses I’d choose to live in if I had the means and the land). Sadly, even in Second Life, I don’t have the land, or the means, so I just go and take pictures…

Scarlet Creative Artisan Prefab


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